Please enjoy some of our Happy Ragdoll Owners’ letters and photos. 


Princess Bella, owned by Sheila and Jim

Hi Cindy,
Hopefully, you will be able to view these…here are some pic’s of Tiara since the time we got her.  As you can see, she loves to pose for the camera. She is such a beautiful kitten!  Thanks for introducing her to us!  We love her!

I though you might like some pictures we took of the kitten over the last week.  She has made herself right at home and has become great friends with all the other animals in the house.  Hope all is well with you and best regards,

hi cindy,
thanks so much for the tour of your home, we really enjoyed seeing all you had done. it is beautiful!
Pretty sat in my lap all the way home and slept with a purr. He fits right in and is truly a doll. Follows my daughter around like a puppy and seeks her out to sleep on her. i am his next favorite so he is a ladies man. but he doesn’t seem to mind who holds/plays with him as long as it is someone. a people kitty just like i wanted. i keep his food and litter box in a  playpen so the dogs can’t get to it and it gives a safe zone downstairs when he is not in someone’s arms purring. he however jumps out after he is done using  the box and runs to someone to be picked up.. he wants to only sleep next to someone and so far he is not lacking for holders. even stan (not a cat man he says) picks him up and finds himself holding the little purr ball. the yellow lab was the only unknown and he just wants to lick pretty which pretty enjoys guess it is like the nursing. of course this is all with pretty in my arms. pretty needs to grow a bit before i will let him have a ground meeting. but everyone seems well adjusted and getting along. i only wish i could have bought the little girl as well. she really got to me, but i wouldn’t trade pretty. he is a prefect fit for our family and loved.
thanks for the e-mail,


Hi Cindy…
I can imagine it was hard to let her go because she is certainly a little cutie!!!
Well, like I told you…she was a little ANGEL on the ride home and that was very surprising seeing as we had an hour and half subway ride! The cutest thing was when we were crossing the Manhattan bridge and she excitedly jumped out of bag (I was still holding her) and with such wonder stared out at the giant city skyline and ocean, pawing at the window!
We’ll CERTAINLY keep in touch!


I guess the final name is Deeds. Angel has decided she really likes him now! She is always wherever he goes! Thank you for our new baby!


Isn’t he cute? He is doing great

testimonial Romeow

Hi Cindy!
It’s Rosa from from Baltimore,MD. I monitor your site frequently in hopes of seeing new pictures of any new babies!! Romeow is doing well. He is such a handsome devil!! I have attached a few photos of him! That blue plastic bowl he is sitting in is is favorite sleep spot since he was a kitten. What a guy!! Hope to hear from you soon! Keep in touch!

Hi Cindy, I picked up a kitten from you about three weeks ago, she’s doing great but I have few questions…

First, how long do I keep her on kitten food? 
Second, she’s always “kneading” with her front paws… which is really cute… until it’s 3 am… I’m not sure if theres something I’m doing  that’s causing her to constantly do this but I don’t have the heart to lock her in a room overnight… but I also haven’t slept a full night in a week…. She’s purring when she does it so I assume she’s not hurting in any way, but is there a way to stop this?


kitten pic

Hi Cindy,
    We finally named the kitten “Pumpkin Jack”.  It took alot to agree on one!  Anyway Pumpkin is doing very well.  He is having alot of fun with the girls playing with his new toys.  He has several pet beds to choose from and seems to like them all.  He also went and found the 
litter box today all by himself.

Dear Cindy:

I just wanted to take a quick minute and update you on our new kitty. She rode very well in the van and never cried once. We put her in the crate on the seat next to Bennett. We stopped and purchased an enclosed litter box and some more food for her on the way home. We kept her in the cage for a little bit at home so we could get the litter box set up and her food ready. This way also she could smell things and the other animals could check her out. She used the litter box right away and ate some of the moist food and some of the dry food. She is doing extremely well. She has really warmed up to me already and to Bennett. She is asking to be pet and is rubbing up against us and purring away. She has met all of the other animals and was fine very quickly with the dogs. In fact, she seems quite taken with our Golden, Bear. She also seems fine with Louie our cat, but he is not as sure of her. He is staying on the perimeter. Things are going much better than I would have imagined. My sense is that we will be just fine, but I will keep you posted. We are still working on names.

Thanks so much!


pic dog and cat


Sonny is doing great! Very playful as you can see! Deeds is starting to like him now, although he thinks that Sonny eats too much! Have a great holiday.

Celeste and Rachel

cat in window

Hi Cindy,
I just wanted to write you and send you some pictures of Gravy. I love her so much! She’s my best little bud! She LOVES her new home. . She is soooo happy! We’ve been in this place for almost a year now. She’s gotten big. She is just such an angel I can’t believe it! Just the cutest thing in the world. Everyone that meets her falls in love and wants to take her home! I just wanted to give you an update on her!


Hi Cindy!

Your mom told me that you updated your website- nice!

I have to tell you how much I love Josie. I cant believe how affectionate he is! He has to sleep right at my neck and he makes this little nerruff sound when my alarm goes off cuz he knows it is 10 minutes of kitty snuggle time! And I dont know if your mom told you but he fetches! It all started at Christmas time when he was stealing the bows off my presents! I can actually throw his bow and he will bring it right back to me and drop it at my feet! People cant believe it! He seems content being alone- he has his kitty perch and I pull in the driveway and his head goes up and he is right at the door! Nice way to come home!


Hello Cindy.

It doesn’t seem like it has been a month since Co Meo joined us, but it has. She has adapted very well to her home in California. She likes to follow us around the house, and she will even willingly go for a ride once in a while. She has met many of our neighbors and has captured their hearts.

Co is growing like a weed. She loves to play with her toys, her tower but she does not really like to be brushed or combed. When I do that, we have to fight a little – she likes to bite the brush or comb and she really squiggles. However, she is fun to watch. She does some really funny things, and when she takes off after one of her tinfoil balls, it is a blast to watch.

She usually sleeps under our bed – she did not like the cat sleeper nor the mat – and she does like to wake up around 6:00 a.m. She then hops into bed with us and starts to purr and work her way towards a pillow – usually Cheryl’s. I will get up with her and she will follow me into the bathroom where we go through the tooth brushing, hair combing and shaving thing with her getting into whatever it is she can find. Lately, she has hopped into the bath tub and seeing some faint reflection, she paws at it and takes up her fighting stance. Then it is downstairs to breakfast, and she knows the sound of breakfast. She will stay underfoot until she is fed, and then she’s off to clean up and do her thing in the litter box. Then it is play, play, play.
Will send more information later.


cat behind pillar

Sorry it took a couple of days to get you these pictures. Most of them are of where we live, because a lot of the kitty pictures we took started to all look the same.
Update on his progress: He is doing wonderful. He was very shy at first, but he is acting now as if he has been here for years. The kids are very good with him and he with them. He sleeps long periods in the afternoon. Quinnie (other cat) is very slowly warming up to him, but progress is slow with her. She finally sniffed his nose in almost a greeting fashion today, so she is making progress.

kitten and baby

Thank you Sandra and Fred for sharing this precious photo. It’s priceless. Cindy

kitten milkshake

I saw your new website and thought you might like to see some pictures of Milkshake.
He really is a special friend to us all.